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 Generating New Business in Real Estate

The results from an extensive, independent study on real estate agents, brokers, owners, and marketing professionals.  Learn how each group gets new business, where they invest and what keeps them up at night.  

What is Generating New Business in Real Estate?  
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In early 2017, we asked 370 real estate professionals to take an extensive survey on how they generate new business.  Our questions ranged from the type of data they use to where they spend their marketing budget and what some of their business concerns were for the coming year and beyond.  The result is this comprehensive white paper that goes into what it takes to build a real estate business and how different stakeholders within an organization take on this challenge.  It's a facinating, exclusive look into the world of real estate.  

What is Onboard Informatics?

Onboard Informatics is the leader in data-driven consumer engagement in real estate.  We have information on all 150 million properties across the country and the areas around those properties.  For 15 years, our clients have used that data to better engage their customers and increase sales.   Onboard headquarters are in New York.  


Highlights from the White Paper


34of 2016 deals came from the agent's social sphere or network.  The next largest portion came from digital leads.   Purchased leads were about even with walk-in business and open houses in terms of the percent that actually generated revenue.  

We asked those who had websites if they knew how many unique visitors came to their site on a monthly basis.  When we compiled all answers, the average was 2800 visitors per month.  

Agents marketing spend is slightly different than the group at large.  Their #1 marketing expense is social media marketing followed by branding and drip marketing.  Purchasing leads, which ranked so high with the larger group, was fifth on the list in terms of agent spend.