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Read this exclusive ebook and learn five new ways to make the most of Inman Connect in San Francisco this August.  



What is Inman Connect?Inman Connect - SF 2017.jpg

Inman Connect is a real estate technology conference in San Francisco.  More than 4000 real estate professionals attend every year. This year's theme is "Suit up for Change" and will be held August 7-11, 2017. 

What is the ebook?

This exclusive ebook will explain five easy ways to get the most out of Inman Connect this year.  It is full of helpful information specific to Inman that will benefit any real estate professional planning on attending.  

What is Onboard Informatics?

Onboard Informatics is the best source for real estate data.  Since 2002 our clients have used data on properties, commuities and home owners to better their business.   After 15 years in real estate technology, we understand what it takes to get the most out of industry events like Inman.  Onboard's headquarters are in New York.  


Highlights from OnBlog

OnBlog, Onboard's exclusive blog, has comprehensive content on real estate technology

The average real estate consumer spends 45 seconds on a webpage.  When you connect data to that content, that time goes up to over 3 minutes on average. Read the full article here.  

More tasks that require the human touch today will be automated in the coming year.    Automation will make real estate professionals more productive  than ever before. Read the full article here. 

52% of Americans will buy a home in the next five years. Think of the leads you have today.   There is a significant number ready to take action on a real estate transaction.  Read the full article here.