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Position your organization for digital leadership


Introducing a system that identifies consumers in need of property insurance and delivers personlized, compelling content


Identify Likely Insurance Buyers

Our system notifies you the day a client puts their home on the market. Statistically, this group will need a new homeowner's policy within 30-45 days. Get to them before the competition with this knowledge.   



Send Personalized Content 

Our system then pulls valuable content based on your client's property including estimated valuation, recent home sales, and trends. Send this content to identified buyers to stay in front of them through their buying process.



Drive More Leads to your Site

This complete system identifies, nurtures, and drives consumers in need of a homeowner's policy.  Use data-driven technology to extend the life and loyalty of your clients.  

Impact of external forces on the US property-casualty market in 2016

(0= Very low impact, 10= very high impact)
From 2016 US property-casualty insurance outlook from EY

 Technology - Digital technologies, such as social media, telemetrics and analytics, are redefining the insurance market.  The impact will affect most business areas, from marketing an distribution to customer service and pricing models. 

8.png   Consumer Expectations- Greater competition and pricing transparency will hold down fees in both personal and commercial sectors.  Insurers will need to reconsider pricing models as a pay-as-you-go gathers appeal and analytics provider deeper consumer insights. 

5.png Regulations - Heightened regulatory creep is starting to become a bigger concern.  In 2016, insurers will need to assess the potential implications of changing regulations, and start planning for greater impact in 2017 after the US elections. 


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