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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Onboard offers Property Search Engine 


    What is the Property Search Engine?

    The Property Search Engine is a new technology that rounds out the robust set of property information now available at Onboard, which includes property sales transactions, listings, sales trends, and now full property characteristics, assessments, and taxes.  Now all of this property information is standardized, searchable, and available from a single API.


    Why is it special?

    Clients will now be able to access all the information needed to create property landing pages, enhance their listings pages, and easily build a variety of web and mobile applications that require property-related information. 


    What can I do with it?

    By providing easy access to this wealth of property information, you’ll have new opportunities to tackle your most pressing business challenges: namely, attracting online traffic, capturing and converting leads, and creating the compelling, engaging online experiences customers now expect.

    We are offering an educational series as part of this rollout that will offer demonstrations and how to guides on different uses of this information.  As you’re planning for 2015 and beyond, we hope you’ll participate in these sessions and how this tool will benefit your business.


    What can I do now on my website with this new information that I couldn’t do before?

    1. Index over 140 million property addresses to boost your brand’s rankings in organic search.  Utilize this API to easily develop property landing pages with interlinked, standardized property information.  Literally millions of potential access points or search bots and long-tail organic search.
    2. Reduce your paid search costs by improving organic search results.
    3. Create a rich online experience to further pull in visitors to your website and evoke a conversation with prospects on your site.  The longer time they spend on your site, the more likely they’ll be to leave contact information and eventually convert to a client.
    4. Develop lead nurturing campaigns with this information as it’s updated automatically.  You’ll have valuable content to send to leads and keep your brand top of mind.

    This is just a small sampling of what you can do with this property information.  For more on the potential this has on your business, speak to your Client Success Manager or visit our blog.


    Where does this information come from?

    This information is made possible through our partnership with Core Logic.  They are the gold standard of property information and through this partnership we are able to provide information for over 99 percent of US properties.


    What do you have now that you didn’t have before?

    We’ve added 148 million property records, assessments, and taxes to our overall property offering.


    What does it cost?

    We have competitive local, state, regional and national pricing.  Existing clients will be offered exclusive and favorable terms.  These terms are still being finalized and we will reach out to all of you individually with more details.


    Do I have to upgrade to the new Property Search Engine or will you continue to support my existing system?

    You don’t have to upgrade to the Property Search Engine.  This is just another way we’re pulling together the best of local and property information and making it easier for you to access.  If it doesn’t make sense for you at this point to update to the more robust option, we will continue to support your current feed. 


    Can I upgrade at a later date?

    You are welcome to upgrade at anytime, however early adopters of this technology will be offered more compelling pricing


    Are there any benefits to upgrading sooner rather than later?

    Utilize this technology to build out landing page, enhance your listings, and more effectively capture and nurture leads on your site before your competitors.  The sooner you take advantage this technology, the quicker you’ll have the competitive edge.

    Another advantage is the aggressive pricing we’re offering early adopters.  Speak to a Client Success Manager today for more information.  


    If I have certain aspects of the API (like the AVM) today, and I decide to upgrade to the new Property Search Engine API, will there be additional development work needed on my end or is it an easy change?

    The development will depend on what you have today and your business objectives. You can work with one of our data technology experts to get a better understanding of the potential scope.